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YIN and YANG are important Chinese medical terms. They are two complimentary terms standing on opposite poles of one integral whole. We can refer YANG as positive and YIN as negative. They are two different types of energy and they indicate balance of energy in the human body. The main properties of Chinese medicines, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, are to adjust the imbalance of YIN and YANG.

Patients with YANG type imbalances react to disease in a positive, active, progressive, and warm way.  For example, if they catch cold, their pulse increases, temperature rises, face becomes red, throat is sore, body pain intensifies and becomes thirsty. 

For YANG conditions, the Doctor will prescribe a YIN type of treatment.

Patients with YIN type respond to disease the exact opposite of YANG. They are negative, passive, and cool. For example,  in the case of upper respiratory infection, they generally will lose energy, their face turns yellowish, and the pulse is slow and weak.

For a YIN condition, the Doctor will prescribe a YANG type of treatment.

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