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Chinese herbal medicine has been used for 5000 years in China to treat diseases.  Chinese herbs are grown naturally, like plants. Their roots, stems leaves, flowers, and seeds can be used in medicine. 
Chinese herbal medicine speaks of four essences, fiv e flavors and additional reactions associated with the structure of medicine:  ascending, descending, floating, and sinking.  The four essences are cool, warm, cold, and hot; e.g. Anemarrhena is cook, Angelica (Dong Quai) is warm, Ginseng is hot, and Mentha Arvensis is cold. 

The cool herb is used to treat YANG diseases, inflammation or hyperemia, and various kind of fever.  The hot herb is used to treat YIN diseases.  According to the theory of Chinese medicine, if the YANG diseases are treated by hot herbal medicines or the YIN diseases are treated by cold herbal medicines, the diseases will only become worse. 

The five flavors are hot, sour, sweet, biter and salty.  Chinese medicine indicated that a hot flavor is associated with a dispersing effect; a sour flavor is associated with an astringent effect; a sweet flavor is associated with a warm effect; a bitter flavor is associated with a hard effect, and a salty flavor is associated with a soft effect.

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