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Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine May Help the Following Condition :

1. Pain:

(Almost all kinds of pain can be relieved or controlled by acupuncture treatment in a short period of time)

2. Respiratory Tract Conditions
    1. Cough and Phlegm
    2. Asthmatic Breathing
3. Post-Operative Syndrome
    1. Pain After Operations
    2. Pain Due to Operative Scar
4. Cigarette Smoking Abuse
    1. Quite Smoking
    2. Alcohol Addiction
5. Nervous System
    1. Sciatic Nerve Pain
    2. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
    3. Insomnia
    4. Peripheral Facial Paralysis
    5. Strok Sequela
6. Headaches
    1. Migraine Headache
    2. Tension Headache
    3. Cluster Headache
    4. Traumatic Headache
    5. Sinusitis Headache
    6. Emotional Headach

7. Ear, Nose & Throat Conditions

    1. Ringing in the Ears
    2. Sinusitis/Sinus Congestion
    3. Hay Fever
    4. Dizziness
    5. Motion Sickness
8. Arthritis
    1. Arthritis of shoulder, elbows, wrists, phalangeal joints
    2. Arthritis of hips, knees, feet, ankle joints
    3. Traumatic Arthritis
    4. Gout Arthritis
9. Heart and Blood Vessel Conditions
    1. Palpitation (Heartbeat too fast)
    2. Arrhythmia (Irregular Heartbeat)
    3. Hypertension (Mild)
    4. Leg or Calf Cramps
    5. Phlebiti
10. thers
    1. Adjunctive Cancer Care
    2. Immune System Support
    3. High Cholesterol
    4. Chronic Fatigue / Illnesses
    5. Depression / Stress
    6. Anxiety
    7. Low Energy / Weakness
11. Alimentary Tract, Liver, Spleen Conditions
    1. Stomach Pain
    2. Stomach Discomfort
    3. Peptic Ulcer
    4. Diarrhea or Constipation
    5. Nausea, Vomiting
    6. Nausea and / or Vomiting during pregnancy
    7. Abdominal Bloating



12. Female and Male Conditions
    1. Menstrual Disorders
    2. Menstrual Cramps
    3. Frequent Urination
    4. Menopause Syndrome
    5. Infertility
    6. Prostate
    7. Impotence
    8. Uterus Prolapse




13. Musculature and Joint Conditions
    1. Stiffness and Swelling of Joints
    2. Feet Swelling and Pain
    3. Wrist Joint Pain c/s Swelling
    4. Jaw Pain
    5. Lumbosacral Disk
    6. Cervical Disk Herniation
    7. Muscle spasm, soreness or numbness
    8. Numbness sensation of face, arms, fingers, legs or feet
    9. Burning Sensation in Feet/Legs
    10. Fibromyalgia
14. Musculature and Joint Conditions
    1. Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain
    2. Whiplash Syndrome
    3. Frozen Shoulder
    4. Bursitis
    5. Tendonitis
    6. Tennis Elbow
    7. Calcified Deposit in the Joint
    8. Muscle Sprain (sports injury)
    9. Muscle Spasm
    10. Upper Back Pain/Lower Back Pain
    11. Hip Joint Pain, Knee and Feet Pain

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