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David Lu is a fourth-generation practitioner in acupuncture, herbs, and traditional Chinese medicine. He is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Doctor of Naturopathy who has studied both Western and Oriental medicine. He received his medical training at China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A state and nationally licensed acupuncturist, he is certified by the National Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is licensed to practice in Minnesota.

After years of working with other group medical practices, in 1997, David Lu started his private acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic in Minnesota. He believes that each person who comes to Total Health Clinic deserves safe, effective, high quality acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine services.

David Lu has the distinction of a long history, family tradition, and extensive training that started at an early age. He is devotes meticulous detail to acupuncture and herbs based on thousands of years of the Chinese system combined with his knowledge of Western medicine.

Before 1949, David Lu’s family owned a Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in the city of Beipiao, in Liaoning province, China. Eighty percent of his family members, a total of four generations including him, are trained as both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine doctors. He started learning and practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine from his grandfather, granduncles, and his father when he was seven years old.

David Lu has started to teach his children about acupuncture, herbs and Chinese medicine. He wants to pass on to them all the generations of knowledge he has gained. David Lu enjoys sports, reading, music, and arts. He likes to learn about and he respects people and traditions of many different cultures.

Three convenient location:

Columbia Heights Clinic: 5178 Central Ave. NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421. Phone: 763-586-6045

Eagan Clinic: 4580 Scott Trail, Suite 118, Eagan, MN 55122. Phone: 763-586-6045

St.Cloud Clinic: 2700 - 1st St. N. Suite 108, St.Cloud, MN 56303. Phone: 320-253-5352

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